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Presentation of “Trenquem silencis”

Presentation of “Trenquem silencis”

By Àngels Roura Massaneda  and Edicions Forment.

“Trenquem silencis” is the transcription of the first season of the radio program of the same name by Àngels Roura that is broadcast on Ràdio Occitania. In the foreword to the book, Alba Alfageme tells us:

“Masculinist violence is the main cause of women’s insecurity, because we suffer from it for a single reason, we are women in a patriarchal society.
Àngels Roura Massaneda takes advantage of all the spaces to combat this chakra because the most important thing in what she does – like this book – is that she has built a beacon for many women that helps them move forward in the darkest nights. And she knows a lot about this, because one day she went through the same route.
This book is an invitation to better understand sexist violence, but above all it is a message full of hope: moving forward and recovering is possible.”

Saturday May 18 at 12:00pm
Rals Llibres, C/ Major, 13-17251 Calonge.

When the event ends there will be a tasting of @lafabrica.calonge

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May 18, 2024
12:00 PM



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