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Presentation of the book: “Delta” by Gabi Martínez

Presentation of the book: “Delta” by Gabi Martínez

The exciting story of life in Buda, the first island in Europe to disappear swallowed by the sea as a result of climate change.

So close and at the same time so far from our imagination of our concerns. Until one day, sooner than we think, it will disappear forever. This is the island of Buda, an extension of land at the mouth of the Ebro, at the tip of the Delta, which will be the first island in Europe to be swallowed by the sea. The Glòria storm of a few years ago left a trail of five deaths and a change in attitude and perception: it pushed the salt water three kilometers inland, flooded fifteen percent of the rice paddies, leveled agricultural structures mussel, volatilized the beach of Trabucador and swallowed that of Bassa de l’Arena. A destruction that clearly threatens this wonderful place with enormous environmental wealth is very real.

The writer Gabi Martínez has settled down to live for a whole year on the island of Buda and conveys to us with the power of words what reality is like in the Ebro Delta – with its blacks and whites , but also gray and all kinds of colors –, how the Ebrencs live the modern stigmatization of fishing and hunting and how it is possible to find the balance between humans and a natural space that must be preserved for the future. A great work of research and experiences that allows us to retrace the lives of the inhabitants of this part of our territory with the rhythm of a magnificent narrative work. Experiences, certainties and heated debates that this evil work to open and generate with the intention of getting to know the Delta better and contributing to its eternal survival.

Saturday, December 2, 2023, at 6 p.m
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December 2, 2023
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